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Our Warranty

The international warranty period for each VINTRO watch is twenty-four (24) months from the date of purchase, in accordance with the following warranty provisions. The warranty covers material and manufacturing defects which existed at the time of delivery of the VINTRO watch.

Each VINTRO watch comes with a warranty card confirming its authenticity. The warranty is only valid if the warranty card has been completed and correctly by an official VINTRO dealer, and if the serial number on the warranty card matches the number on the watch.

During the warranty period , the owner of the watch has the right to have any defect repaired free of charge upon presentation of the valid warranty card. If VINTRO considers the repair to be unsuitable, a replacement with an identical or similar VINTRO watch will be guaranteed within the above warranty period. The warranty of the replacement watch ends twenty-four (24) months after the date of purchase of the replaced watch.

VINTRO may, at its discretion, repair or replace the watch with an identical or similar model by installing new or thoroughly refurbished and tested components.

Excluded from the warranty:

  • Normal wear and tear occuring due to wear and ageing, e.g. scratched glass, changes in colour and/or material, leather, textiles, rubber, etc.
  • Damage caused by abnormal or improper handling, lack of care, accidents (shocks, dents, fractures, etc.), improper use of the watch and disregard of the instructions for use issued by VINTRO.
  • Damage caused by improper intervention by unauthorized VINTRO service centres. Watches that have been altered outside the control of VINTRO.
  • Services which are additionally guaranteed by a direct seller, e.g. dealer, are also excluded from the guarantee, as well as loss or theft.
  • Indirect or consequential damages of any kind, e.g. due to standstill or inaccuracy etc. This warranty does not limit any mandatory legal rights. Further claims against VINTRO, e.g. compensation for damages not covered by the above warranty, are expressly excluded, with the exception of rights to which the purchaser may be entitled against the manufacturer due to mandatory legal provisions.

 → To make use of the warranty service, please contact us at warranty@vintro-watches.com.

The Care Of Your Vintro Watch

Because of the selection of high-quality materials, your VINTRO watch requires little care.

The case and metal bracelets should be cleaned from time to time with mild soapy water and a soft brush. Additional rubbing with a microfiber cloth makes your watch always shine like new. Please make sure to use a soft and clean cloth to avoid scratching the case.

After swimming in the sea, please remove any remaining salt and sand by rinsing your VINTRO watch with lukewarm tap water.

Before any cleaning procedure, please make sure that the winding crown is firmly closed to ensure that your watch remains water-resistant.

Do not use aggressive cleaning, polishing or scouring agents.

When you remove the watch, wipe off any remaining moisture, sweat, or dirt with a soft, dry cloth as soon as possible. This will extend the life of the case, bracelet and seal.

Useful Information

Magnetic fields

Do not place your watch on magnets, speakers, refrigerators, iPads or tablet cases. These can create strong magnetic fields that may damage your timepiece, thus possibly causing the watch to stop or move. However, magnetism typically does not cause permanent or irreversible damage to the movement. In most cases, it is sufficient to demagnetize the timepiece in order for it to run at normal speed again. If you notice that your watch is moving or stops, the watch may have been magnetized accidentally.


Avoid direct contact of the watch with products such as solvents, detergents, perfumes, cosmetics, insect repellents, etc. as far as possible. These products can damage the bracelet, case or seals and change the appearance of the watch.


Do not expose your watch to extreme temperatures (higher than 50°C or lower than -5°C). The viscosity of the lubricants may be affected. Watches react to strong temperature fluctuations with fluctuations in accuracy. As long as the watch is worn, body heat prevents such extreme temperature fluctuations. However, avoid shock-like temperature fluctuations, as they occur e.g. in saunas.

External factors

Avoid contact with pressurized water (i.e. tap water, sea waves or waterfalls) and protect the watch from shocks as well as strong sunlight or light.


We recommend that you do not wear your watch during sports such as tennis, golf or mountain biking, to protect it from shocks that could damage the movement. Strong vibrations and shocks also occur when using drills, hammer drills or grinders. We recommend that you do not wear your watch when working with these machines.


It will be indicated on the back of the case whether your watch is water-resistant. Each of our watches is individually tested for water resistance. In everyday use, however, it should be noted that seals get worn or age over time due to numerous factors connected with wearing a wristwatch. We recommend that you have the water resistance checked at least once a year. In order to maintain water resistance for as long as possible, rinse your watch with tap water if it comes into contact with seawater, chemicals or the like. Stress such as shocks and vibrations can not only reduce the water resistance but also increase the wear of the movement. Therefore, protect your watch from unnecessary stress. To protect the movement from moisture, please make sure that the winding or setting crown is always pressed completely against the flank of the case and that, if the crown is screwed together, it is also done throroughly.

To ensure water resistance, please do not operate the crown and chronograph buttons under water. Water or moisture damage resulting from improper use of the watch is not covered by the purchase warranty. If you wear your watch during water sports or other activities during which it is frequently exposed to water and moisture, you should have the water resistance of your watch checked annually. Condensation under the watch glass is a sign that your watch is no longer water resistant.


Carefully selected materials combined with useful functions and precise workmanship make our watches to long-lasting timepieces.


Timeless design inspired by the great history of watchmaking craftsmanship. Pure vintage feeling „Made in Germany“.


All models and designs are created with passion and dedication, up to the smallest detail. A commitment that you will definetly feel.


Free shipping worldwide, secure payment channels and 2 year warranty on your VINTRO watch represent our service promise.