History Remastered

Watches with history. Told in retro style.

» Inspired by the impressive history of watchmaking craftsmanship, we created timeless timepieces, which are perfectly made for our epoch. We are committed to this claim. «

Uli Baka, Founder of Vintro GmbH

Our collection: Le Mans 1952 Chronographs

Since the beginning of the post-war period, at the end of the 1940s, chronographs have not only been designed for military purposes but also for motor sports. During those days, many classic designs were created that are still timeless today and make many collectors' hearts skip a beat. The design of our chronograph was inspired by that era. We pay tribute to the chronographs of this period because of their beautiful dials, which provide a wealth of information and are both elegant and sporty. Our Bicompax Chronograph is named after the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans. In 1952, Hermann Lang and Fritz Riess won the race in a Mercedes 300SL (W-194 series) as the first and last Germans. Motorsport has long been influenced by Swabian engineering, and we still believe that Swabian skills can change everything. For this reason too, our watches are made in Southern Germany. The carefully selected materials and the precise workmanship make our watches absolutely suitable for everyday use and your long-lasting companion.


Carefully selected materials combined with useful functions and precise workmanship make our watches to long-lasting timepieces.


Timeless design inspired by the great history of watchmaking craftsmanship. Pure vintage feeling „Made in Germany“.


All models and designs are created with passion and dedication, up to the smallest detail. A commitment that you will definetly feel.


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