Our Brand

Our Brand

History Remastered

A unique history makes you strive for a great future. VINTRO WATCHES was born out of our love for vintage watches and from a simple vision of creating collectible timepieces in a classic vintage design, which tells the story of a special time and meets the requirements of daily use. We want to create and design vintage-inspired timepieces of high quality, for an affordable price. Quality, not quantity. Unique instead of usual.

The Origin

Vintage Inspired Watches

VINTRO stands for vintage and retro, short VINTRO. It is based on years of experience in the field of used luxury watches and the founder's penchant for the classic designs of the period from the 40s to the 80s. The origin story of our watches begins and ends in the Swabian Aalen. Not only the design is created here in the south of Germany, with the Swabian thoroughness we can also ensure that every watch meets our high-quality standards and you can enjoy your VINTRO WATCH for a long time.

The History

How Everything Started

I have been a watch enthusiast for as long as I can remember. It all began in my childhood. Even as a little boy, my father took me to watch fairs as well as antique markets. I was not really thrilled to get up at 4am on Sunday´s but at that point, I did not know what an impact this would have for my future passion. Besides vintage watches, my father collected everything antique, but I was always fascinated, most by the watches.

I still know it exactly when I bought my first timepiece from my own money, a Swatch Scuba Happy Fish at the age of 10. Nothing special from today’s point of view, but I couldn’t have been more proud. Fascinated and captivated by the idea of building a swatch collection, my mission started. At the age of 12, my father got me my first mechanical timepiece produced by Bifora, a former watch manufacturer from my hometown. It was a skin diver 115 from the 60s with chrome case and a hand wound movement. This single object was the starting point of my passion for vintage watches.

My father taught me what to look for in vintage watches and what quality means. His infinite knowledge of watches fascinated me and, gradually, he shared his knowledge with me. He told me the creation of and the stories behind countless timepieces.

From then on, I set out to find the watches that would appeal to me, thrill me, challenge me. Collecting vintage watches is not only about the mere object, but also the stories behind those. Those watches were worn and cared for decades, and ultimately developed their own lives. And of course, collecting watches is not only about finding the watch you’re looking for but also about the thrill to satisfying the male instinct of hunting objects of desire. And I was lucky to find plenty of them, gradually building a meaningful collection.

Our Responsibility

For A Brighter Future

Contribute to a positive present and the future with insights from the past. We are committed to this claim, not only in the development of our watches. It is of geat importance to us to take responsibility from the very beginning of our journey. We see ourselves as part of the society and would like to give something back. Therefore, every watch will contribute to a meaningful cause and we will donate 5 Euros to social institutions for every sold VINTRO WATCH.


Carefully selected materials combined with useful functions and precise workmanship make our watches to long-lasting timepieces.


Timeless design inspired by the great history of watchmaking craftsmanship. Pure vintage feeling „Made in Germany“.


All models and designs are created with passion and dedication, up to the smallest detail. A commitment that you will definetly feel.


Free shipping worldwide, secure payment channels and 2 year warranty on your VINTRO watch represent our service promise.