Made in Germany

Made in Germany

Individuality instead of mainstream

We do not claim to create unimaginative and temporarily modern fashion watches. Today's disposable society is not our thing. Today a must have and tomorrow we will put it down in the back corner of the house we have never really understood. We want to create watches that you will enjoy for a long time. For us, watches are more than a stylish fashion accessory that displays the time. Your watch comes closer to you than most people do. It accompanies you in good times as well as in bad and always listens to you without contradicting you. Sounds fantastic, doesn't it?

Our watches are made in Germany with a lot of lifeblood. 


Made in Germany does not only mean environmentally friendly and short transport routes, but also that you
speak the same language. We understand each other. But even if many people think we Germans sit all day with beer, sausages and sauerkraut in the beer garden, it's not quite like that. At least not only. Apart from its poets and thinkers, Germany is also known for its extraordinary engineering skills and inventive thinking. A life without telephone, paper, automobile, light bulb, periodic table, tram would be possible in principle, but well.

Made in Germany stands for excellent quality and longevity. Therefore, our watches are also manufactured in Germany. The design, the assembly and the final quality control take place completely in Southern Germany. Partly directly with us, partly at a family-owned manufactory 100 kilometres from the VINTRO headquarters.

Thus, we not only secure jobs in our home country, but can also ensure that every Vintro watch 100% meets our high quality standards. With Swabian thoroughness, reliability and passion we pursue only one goal - to produce honest watches that accompany you for a long time and with which you write your own stories. Quality instead of quantity. Individuality instead of mainstream. 


What has chocolate to do with VINTRO watches?

But even we can't get all the individual parts from Germany. There is a simple reason for this. Life is not a pony farm and even shooting stars cannot fulfil all wishes. 

Some things are simply not realizable or price-wise as far away from our goal selling price, as the earth from the moon. Even if we find this of course very regrettable. But let's be honest, not everything that doesn't come from German hands is bad. The coffee from Brazil, the wine from Italy, the chocolate from Belgium. And not only our menu would be very one-sided and dreary without foreign help. Also our great, fast highways would be empty without our neighbours and the neighbours of our neighbours. 

This enables us to have our watches produced in Germany and to offer you a very good price/performance ratio. We work hand in hand with our carefully selected suppliers and are always in the picture. We are right in the middle, instead of just being there. Because, in addition to the design, the assembly of the components by hand and the majority of the value chain in Germany takes place, our watches rightly receive the "Made in Germany" seal of quality and you benefit not only from the high quality but also from a low price.


Carefully selected materials combined with useful functions and precise workmanship make our watches to long-lasting timepieces.


Timeless design inspired by the great history of watchmaking craftsmanship. Pure vintage feeling „Made in Germany“.


All models and designs are created with passion and dedication, up to the smallest detail. A commitment that you will definetly feel.


Free shipping worldwide, secure payment channels and 2 year warranty on your VINTRO watch represent our service promise.